Our Cats

Meet the Family



F3C Arya: This pretty girl is full of spunk! She is a petite cool toned brown spotted tabby beauty with boundless energy, and her favorite thing to do is run on her ZiggyDoo cat wheel. She is a super sweet kitty who starts purring the moment you pick her up and loves to rub on legs and follows her humans around like a puppy. She is a high energy cat who has active, intelligent kittens. 


F7SBT Khaleesi: Khaleesi is our resident Snow Queen. She is a good-sized girl with long legs, clear blue eyes and sass for days. She loves to cuddle with her person and is obsessed with crinkle balls. Her kittens have all been on the large side. Playful babies who grow up to be smart, active companions. 



F2B Brienne: This girl is one of a kind. She has the short, fat fluffy tail of a serval paired with long legs, a beautiful golden coat, and big ears that will tell you everything she is thinking. She loves to play fetch and steals the small humans stuffed animals for this purpose. This future queen is going to produce some beautiful babies!


F5 Rhaegar: This beautiful boy is a total meatball. He has great size and beautiful coloring. The friendliest boy, he loves people and is a snuggle bug, letting adults and children carry him anywhere. His favorite pastime is napping and playing with his zoom-tubes. He passes his gentle temperament on to his kittens, making for friendly, well socialized kittens.